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Lincoln's Pub

now serving Council Bluffs, Iowa
and Lincoln, Nebraska

A modern take on traditional Americana cuisine, Lincoln’s Pub greets guests with a mouth watering menu as classic and unique as it’s interior. While vintage road signs and regalia dot the walls, an array of unique Sandwiches, Smash Burgers, Wraps, Steak and more round out a menu seemingly cut from an antique classifieds. Gather with groups small and large and create your own history.
A vintage line style map of Council Bluffs and president Lincoln's land purchases

Yeah But,

Why "Lincoln's"?

Original Lincoln’s Pub location opened in Council Bluffs, Iowa, 2018

Abraham Lincoln visited Council Bluffs to discuss purchasing land that his campaign manager, Norman Judd, had hoped to use as a collateral for a personal loan. Lincoln eventually bought up 17 plots of land in the vicinity to aid his coworker and friend. Perhaps, not the most pressing of national matters but the name stuck and that’s the point.

“Council Bluffs is such a beautiful town with a rich history, and we want to be the best community member we can. It was simply too hard to pass up the opportunity to bring something different and creative to the town and showcase its history. We hope you enjoy your visit!” – the LP Crew

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Ryan Mann
Part time cocktail extraordinaire, ex-master barber and men’s grooming expert Ryan Mann is one half of the dream team. If his prestigious beard isn’t credit enough, look for him whipping up delicious refreshments or holding down the fort in the front of house.
Jon Nelson
As an accomplished butcher, certified car collector and all-around badass, the other half of DPG is as much at home in the kitchen as he is in any of his patinated country cruisers. His butcher shop, Jon’s Naturals, provides high grade meats we serve right here in-house.